BRM Aero, a manufacturer of 2-seater training aircraft, and H55, a provider of electric propulsion systems, are developing the B23 Energic aircraft – the first clean and efficient fully electric aircraft in the CS-23 general aviation category – according to the companies. The first deliveries will go to a selected group of launch customers scheduled early next year in parallel to full scale commercialization.

The B23 Energic has a maximum take-off weight of 850kg, 60 minutes of endurance, plus reserves, and an hour charge time (depending on environmental conditions and available current). It claims to have lower ownership costs and the flexibility to upgrade batteries at the end of their useful life on the aircraft.

BRM Aero is now accepting pre-orders for the aircraft, extending a special offer to the first 20 airplanes for flight schools eager to embrace the all-electric solution for pilot training.

BRM and H55 expect to finalize the certification process quickly. The B23 combustion powered airplane is already certified as a CS-23 aircraft and being flown in many flight schools. Having already secured its production and design certification approval, H55’s propulsion and battery technology has received EASA’s acceptance for its Compliance Check List. This is a significant step towards formal certification of H55’s entire electric propulsion system in the CS 23 general aviation category which includes the motor, motor controller, battery packs and energy management systems and paves the way for aircraft up to 19 seats.

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