Calian is utilizing AI to expand the capabilities of MaestroEDE, building functionality that allows the platform to modify and exploit the synthetic training environment, creating more realistic and adaptive scenarios that prepare users for real-life situations. MaestroEDE is a Calian-developed exercise management tool to design, develop and deliver complex military training scenarios.  Exercise developers will be able to utilize the platform to more efficiently design, build and conduct training events and exercises when they cannot afford to fail.   

“MaestroEDE gives exercise developers an easy-to-understand landscape of intuitive tools for solving complex training problems. It allows them to see the big picture to create training environments that are designed to match their training audience’s unique requirements,” says Eric Norton, Emerging Technologies Leader, Calian. “AI bolsters this functionality with capabilities to more accurately and efficiently create training content events and injects that meet objectives and help drive decision making during delivery.”   

“Military budgets are stretched across the globe, so organizations are seeking value and efficiency when building and conducting training exercises,” says Jay Ballard, VP of Defence, Calian. “Exercise developers need critical insights, delivered on-time with work production and end-time support, which MaestroEDE delivers.”  

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