The Airline Pilot Club (APC) has launched a new website that is designed to introduce APC’s products to airlines and flight training schools.

“Our new website,, represents a significant step forward in how we connect with our clients,” said Andy O’Shea, CEO of APC. “The platform is designed to provide airlines and flight training schools with a clear understanding of our advanced solutions, facilitating better decision-making and fostering stronger partnerships.”

Some of the key features to the website include information on recruitment solutions, training programs, and continuous development initiatives; and client-focused resources for airlines and flight training schools.

Some examples of APC’s product offerings include:

  • Determine Personal & Technical Profile of Future Airline Pilots: Profiling pilots to match both personal and technical attributes required for specific operations.
  • Select New Instructors: Managing the selection process to ensure access to skilled and qualified teaching staff.
  • Recruit DE Type Rated Pilots: Assessing and recruiting qualified captains and first officers.
  • Select New Co-Pilots: Rigorous testing and selection processes to identify high-quality recruits.

By providing comprehensive information and access to resources, the website aims to enhance understanding and engagement with APC’s solutions.

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