Simaero will invest $100 million in India to train up to 5,000 pilots over the next five years. The firm will bring in the investment in a phased manner to create a training infrastructure and install flight simulators to meet the growing demand for pilot training in India and the South Asian region.

Simaero’s investment will be strategically allocated to the infrastructure for the training centre and the development of a trained local workforce. The development of the training facility in Delhi is well underway, with construction expected to be completed by the fourth quarter of 2024. This centre, which is spread over 4,500 square metres, will feature eight full-flight simulators starting with A320 NEO and B737NG aircraft types. The facility will offer comprehensive training solutions, with devices certified by both DGCA and EASA authorities, and an in-house ATO covering all main pilot recurrent training programs, including initial type rating and recurrent training, with various aircraft-type simulators for airlines.

Simaero’s decision to enter the Indian aviation market is driven by the record-setting aircraft orders, which have exceeded the current active fleet. Indian carriers have over 1,200 Airbus aircraft and 470 Boeing aircraft on order. The move comes at a time when the Indian aviation sector is expanding exponentially as demand for air travel is increasing with rapid economic development across the Indian subcontinent.

India presently has approximately 12,000 active pilots. According to a recent study by Boeing, India will need approximately 3x the number of pilots over the next 20 years to accommodate this growth. Currently, India has limited aviation training infrastructure. With a growing demand, many airlines are required to send their pilots overseas for training which increases costs in an industry which operates on minimal margins.

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