Celebrating the 100th ALSIM ALX

30 November 2020

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ALSIM is celebrating the milestone of its 100th ALX simulator sale. In 2008 the company presented a new and innovative training concept that combined various aircraft types in one single simulator, the ALSIM ALX.

The purpose of this simulator, in contrary to type specific devices, is to act as a training tool to provide skills for a wide range of aircraft: single piston, twin piston, twin turbine and medium category twin jet. The principle involved is to have students trained to the logic and procedures common to each class of aircraft.

Since 2008, the ALX has evolved as technology and training has evolved, enabling ALSIM to offer their customers an advanced, up to date, end-to-end turnkey solution. This has been possible due to the development process being designed on an open platform, giving the flexibility to evolve and branch out from the original blueprint.

Since its creation, 100 ALXs have been sold in 44 countries around the world. The very first ALX produced was purchased by UK-based CRM Aviation, and it is still in operation today. Rob Howarth, CEO of CRM Aviation recalls: "We initially chose the ALSIM ALX as it offered the perfect platform to deliver MCC training. To this day, it is still an exceptional tool for teaching the non-technical competency requirements of the MCC course. We find our customers are able to focus on the core non-technical competencies of MCC rather than become bogged down in complex type operation. Our annual usage is nearly 2000 hours and our 'in serviceability' times are pretty much 100%. The ALSIM ALX is a great product that the CRM Aviation instructional team have enjoyed training our customers with."


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