Padpilot Unveils 2021 EASA-Compliant CBIR Books

28 July 2021

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Padpilot has released a series of digital theory books for pilots studying for the 2021 Competency Based Instrument Rating syllabus (CBIR).

The series is available for use by flight schools and private pilots working towards a CBIR. Padpilot’s interactive digital manuals are compliant with the updated content and learning objectives from EASA's new 2021 CBIR theoretical knowledge syllabus.

The EASA CBIR is designed for private pilots who wish to learn to fly in instrument conditions, in any class of airspace, but who do not wish to become commercially qualified. The CBIR is designed to take account of a pilot’s flying experience, with an emphasis on practical flying skills. However, there are still seven theory exams that must be passed as part of the training: Air Law, Communications, Flight Planning, Human Performance, Instrumentation, Meteorology and Radio Navigation.

Under the outgoing syllabus, the theoretical knowledge component of the CBIR was shared with the En-Route Instrument Rating (EIR) syllabus. But, from 8 September2021, the EIR will be replaced with the new Basic Instrument Rating (BIR) which will have a different syllabus. The new Padpilot CBIR books, therefore, are only suitable for the 2021 CBIR, and not the EIR.


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