& Emirates Discuss Pandemic Effects with Training Industry

23 November 2021

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Dubai-Airshow, a Dubai-headquartered pilot training industry market intelligence platform and advisory firm, together with Emirates Flight Training Academy (EFTA), the pilot training school of Emirates Airline, hosted over 50  leaders of the pilot training industry on the second day of the Dubai Airshow.

The 50 pilot training industry leaders are responsible for training over 9,000 new pilots every year, which is estimated to be around a third of the world’s annual pilot training. The half day networking event was held at Emirates Flight Training Academy and Dynamic Advanced Training, providing the global industry leaders with the ability to discuss the effects of the pandemic while visiting the aviation training infrastructure located in the United Arab Emirates.

The networking event featured attendees from the America’s, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East, which was in line with the vision of Expo 2020 currently held in Dubai. Two panel discussions were held both for the Flight School segment and the Pilot Simulator Training segment of the industry with a focus on forecasting the full effects of the pandemic on the pilot training industry and its ability to supply pilots to the aviation industry over the coming years as the world emerges from the pandemic.

Maximilian Buerger, Managing Director of, commented: “Our vision is to connect the global pilot training stakeholders similar to how the aviation industry and Dubai has connected the world. As we emerge out of the pandemic we wanted to bring together the leaders of this industry to discuss the effects of the pandemic, provide market intelligence data and support collaboration to accelerate the recovery of this industry.”

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