Britannica Enhances With VR Integrations From DiSTI And VTR

24 November 2021

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Britannica Knowledge Systems has recently completed a Proof of Concept with DiSTI and VTR. The integrated solution links the Fox training management system with VTR’s virtual reality platform, FlightDeckToGo, using DiSTI’s Schoolhouse, a managed virtual training solution. This integration allows students to train on any headset in their possession and automates the recording of performance results captured during the VR-based training session.

Since trainees have been shown to maintain enhanced situational awareness, improved skill performance, and retention and recall after training in 3-D environments, Fox’s new integrations will enable training organizations to promote higher engagement through interactive training and raise the efficacy of their skills with these leading-edge VR capabilities.

The Fox Training Management System is a comprehensive, proven solution that maximizes training operations for military and civil aviation training organizations. The system efficiently manages all types of training activities, including ground, flight, and simulators, and now incorporates VR and AR devices management. Fox seamlessly integrates performance and evaluation records from all sources, including tests, courseware, attendance, SIM evaluations, and VR devices, into each trainee’s personnel file, offering a complete view of performance.

VTR’s FlightDeckToGo provides pilots with immersive, completely portable virtual flight decks so that VR training is easy to implement and doesn’t have to rely on costly simulators. VTR’s virtual reality platform enables kinetic learning, which allows much-improved retention of knowledge. DiSTI’s Schoolhouse provides the scalable link between Learning Management Systems and multiple deployment options beyond traditional computer-based training. Fox uses industry standards to incorporate DiSTI’s and VTR’s technology into its training management system.

Fox centralizes all trainee performance records, scheduling, resource management, evaluation, and learning activities and then optimizes the training operations. VR expands these capabilities with more effective, kinetic training activities, enabling improved situational awareness and longer knowledge retention – improving efficiency and shortening training time, further reducing costs.


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