Low-Cost Carrier Enhances Training with New Sims

18 October 2023

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U-Wing 737NG flight simulator.
U-Wing Simulation

Recently, U-Wing Simulation successfully delivered a 737NG flight simulator and 737 cabin crew training simulator to Jiangxi Air Company Limited (Jiangxi Air). The operation and use of this batch of devices will provide strong protection for the flight training and cabin crew training of Jiangxi Air, and lead Jiangxi Air to enhance the training quality of pilots and cabin crew to a new level.

The Boeing 737NG flight simulator delivered this time combines the customized requirements of Jiangxi Air, adopts advanced flight simulation software and high-precision simulation hardware, and 1:1 reproduces the cockpit environment and instrument layout of the Boeing 737NG. This brings a more realistic sense of immersion and all-weather flight experience for flight crews, and helps pilots better familiarize themselves with the instrumentation, control devices and system operation of the B737NG aircraft. The device also meets the needs of flight trainees for daily ground procedure practice, and cultivates pilots' flight skills, decision-making ability and capability to respond to emergency situations.

In addition, the 737 cabin crew training simulator can be customized according to the customer's training requirements, which is mainly used to train the cabin crew to perform cabin service correctly and open the aircraft door correctly and skillfully when the aircraft is in normal and emergency conditions. The shape of the device simulates the fuselage above the floor line of the B737 aircraft, which consists of the No.1 door section, business class section, No.2 door section and economy class section. Inside the cabin, the galley, lavatory, emergency equipment, etc. are equipped with the same type and operation mode as the real aircraft. The device is highly relocatable, and under the premise of ensuring strength and rigidity, and taking into account the possibility of lengthening, transforming, and relocating the simulator cabin in the future, a modular design and manufacturing programme for the cabin has been adopted.

The operation of the delivered devices will help the construction of Jiangxi Air training system and improve the safety level, and provide strong support for the high-quality development of Jiangxi Air flight training and cabin crew training.


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