Airline Customer Buys First A320 AATD

20 October 2023

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Image credit: Simnest

Simnest Aviation's first A320 AATD was purchased by their first airline customer, Carpatair. Both the installation and on-site acceptance were successfully completed in the first days of October, marking another significant milestone for Simnest Aviation.

The Simnest A320 AATD is the simplified version of Simnest’s flagship product, the A320 FNPT II APS MCC simulator. Despite the abbreviation AATD in its name, core instruments are the same as in the A320 FNPT II APS MCC, what is more, the same software ensures its operation as well. Thanks to the mostly unchanged main elements, the cadets can experience the realistic behavior of the Airbus A320 in a high-fidelity environment, while the price of this device is much more affordable than the higher-end A320 FNPT II APS MCC, which enables higher level certified training.

“We were looking for a high-quality flight training device that among others would allow our future pilots to better familiarise and prepare themselves prior to their type rating trainings on A320 FFS. The deployment of the Simnest A320 AATD went seamlessly and beyond our expectations. The device’s platform-deck, installation frame, fully physical hardware together with the excellent Simnest software ensure the A320 AATD a much higher level of simulation than its name suggests” expressed Nicolae Petrov, President and CEO of Carpatair.

Simnest's first AATD is ready for training at Carpatair's headquarters in Timisoara, Romania, so the first pilots can start to get to know the handling and behavior of the Airbus A320.


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