CBTA as a Solution to the MTX Talent Crisis

29 November 2023

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By Christine Zylawski and Dr. Maggie Ma

The workforce shortage in aviation maintenance has been described as a “talent crisis.” AMT programs are struggling to hire and retain qualified faculty to train students. To add to the challenge, the Aviation Technician Education Council (ATEC) estimates that 30% of those who finish an aviation maintenance training course end up accepting employment in another industry.

The aviation industry is at the forefront of new technological developments, requiring personnel involved in aircraft maintenance to adapt to new methods, processes, knowledge and skills to build up the necessary competencies. These depend on new developments in training and information dissemination and should be constantly updated to the latest technology. The CBTA approach may improve training by better capturing the changing technology requirements. The CBTA programs will allow AMTs to be trained and evaluated against competency standards, with records as evidence. Such records may make it easier for maintenance organizations to employ personnel from other organizations and countries, which consequently facilitates harmonization.

First introduced at Air France Industries (AFI) in 2021, Competency-Based Training applied to Aircraft Maintenance operations (CBTAM) is an assessment and training method that focuses on developing specific knowledge and skills necessary for job performance. In fact, assessment takes place before training.

To read the complete white paper, click here… CBTA as a Solution to the MTX Talent Crisis – AVIATION VOICES


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