APATS 2024: Your Gateway to India's Skyrocketing Aviation Future

24 June 2024

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APATS 2024

The Asia Pacific Airline Training Symposium

9th - 11th September, 2024.

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore


As India's aviation sector rockets skyward, APATS 2024 emerges as your indispensable partner.

How big is India's aviation market? By next year, New Delhi is poised to become the world's second busiest airport after Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson, handling a staggering 100 million passengers annually. Meanwhile, the Mumbai-to-Delhi route has already soared to become the globe's third busiest.

Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia, speaking at the Wings India summit earlier this year, said: "We are preparing for the potential by creating capacities, removing bottlenecks, simplifying procedures. By 2047, India's 100th year of independence, this civil aviation sector will support not a $4 trillion economy, but a $20 trillion economy."

With India now the world's largest aircraft purchaser after the U.S. and China, its fleet is set to triple from 713 to over 2,000 in the next decade. In 2023 alone, Indian airlines ordered a jaw-dropping 970 aircraft.

But here's the challenge: as Lavpreet Kaur reported in The Hindu newspaper: "India desperately needs 2,500-3,000 new pilots annually yet produces only a third due to a lack of flight academies and instructors."

Enter APATS 2024 - your ticket to not just understanding these seismic shifts, but actively shaping them:

  • Network with Decision Makers: Engage face-to-face with those piloting India's aviation boom.
  • Cutting-Edge Training Tech: Master the latest tech to train the influx of new pilots and crew.
  • Regulatory Foresight: Stay ahead of evolving rules in this rapidly expanding sector.
  • Elevate Safety & Efficiency: Discover solutions to keep operations safe and streamlined.
  • Talent Acquisition Strategies: Learn to recruit and retain in a market scrambling for talent.
  • Forge Strategic Alliances: Connect with SMEs, airlines, & suppliers eager to tap into India's growth.
  • Hands-on Training from Global Experts: Experience world-class training drills firsthand.
  • Two Days, Infinite Value: Intense networking yields actionable takeaways.
  • Future-proof Your Role: Gain exclusive foresight into India's aviation future.

Don't just witness India's ascent to global aviation dominance - be an architect of it.

Join us in Singapore and hear from the likes of keynote speaker Captain Ashim Mittra, Sr. Vice President Flight Operations, IndiGo.

Your journey starts at APATS 2024.


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