Aechelon MR Image Generators to Support US Naval Air Training

14 December 2023

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U.S. Navy TH-73A Mixed Reality multi-user device.
Image credit: Aechelon

Aechelon Technology, Inc. has been awarded a contract by Science Applications International Corp. to provide 10 Mixed Reality Image Generator compact workstations and databases in support of the TH-73A Advanced Helicopter Training System (AHTS) Chief of Naval AirTraining (CNATRA).

The systems will drive the Varjo XR-3 Focal Mixed Reality Head Mounted Display at 90 frames/second using unmodified databases. The multi-spectral geospecific databases are correlated 1:1 with 14 prior in-service TH-73A MR trainers, eight Level6 and Level7 classic devices, and 10 TH-57 classic training devices from Flight Safety Defense, which also feature Aechelon Image Generators and Databases.

The image generators support Aero-Turbulence and Brown Out real-time Computational Fluid Dynamics with airflow visualization, greatly enhancing the head-mounted stereo perception.

Furthermore, the mixed reality systems allow pilot and co-pilot common operation in the augmented virtual-real cockpit. The system features OTW and Night Vision Goggles high-fidelity simulation using its multi-spectral visual database, 3D moving models, and a variety of airfields.


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