Partnership to Accelerate Creation of XR Training Content

2 February 2024

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Dimension X has entered into a partnership with PIXO VR, an enterprise immersive XR training provider, to integrate the Bonfire solution with the PIXO Platform. The entities aim to power a massive influx of creators, designers, developers, and trainers to build immersive experiences more quickly and affordably.

Like Figma did for UI/UX design, Bonfire simplifies content creation in XR. The company believes it enables all creators, even those without technical skills, to create immersive, story-based experiences more quickly and with a drag-and-drop, simple interface.

Bonfire is a no-/low-code XR creator solution. Bonfire includes a decision-based story tree similar to a video editing timeline, but the company believes it to be more powerful for non-linear, branching experiences based on user decisions. Dimension X has also developed Sparks, a new file type standard for 3D assets that are contextually intelligent, reusable components with traits, causes and effects that can be customized using simple drop-down selectors.

The PIXO Platform has a long history of enabling innovators to deploy, utilize, and measure XR training effectiveness. Industry titans including Ford, Bosch, Saudi Aramco and General Dynamics, among others, have partnered with PIXO over the last decade to improve employee engagement, retention, performance, and safety among other outcomes. But until now, the significant time, technical expertise, and investment required to create immersive experiences have inhibited the broad adoption of this technology.

Together, PIXO and Dimension X aim to accelerate the maturation of Bonfire as the only no-/low-code XR content creation solution that generates enterprise-quality, fully interactive immersive modules with drag-and-drop simplicity.

The partnership between the two companies is already off to a fast start. In only four weeks, using Bonfire, the team demonstrated a savings of up to 50% in time and cost to create a fast food order fulfillment training.

"To date, broad market adoption of XR technology has been significantly hampered because of a massive void in immersive experiences that were just too hard to make,” said Scott Robertson, CEO of Dimension X. “That changes now. We are thrilled to be partnered with PIXO on the front end of a major market inflection to enable simple, and fast experience creations for training, gaming, entertaining, productivity, and marketing use cases that can be managed from PIXO’s platform.”

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