RYAN AEROSPACE Unveils New Helicopter Simulator

19 June 2024

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Image credit: RYAN AEROSPACE

RYAN AEROSPACE (Australia), will be launching their latest product at FlightSimExpo (FSExpo) in Las Vegas 22-23 June.

RYAN have produced a “Robinson-styled” HELIMOD and it will be displayed for the very first time at this event on booth 142 at the Rio Hotel. It can simulate the R-22, R-44 and R-66 aircraft. This device builds on the HELIMOD Mark III, utilising many of the parts, sub-assemblies and technologies from this product.

The single seat simulator has the Robinson-styled T-Bar cyclic, replica pedals and collective. It can be used for ab-initio training, procedural tasks, airspace / air field familiarization, hover training and even some emergency procedures.

This device is also software agnostic and will work with virtually any simulation software platform including X-Plane, Microsoft Flight Simulator and Prepar3D to name a few.

Chris Ryan, owner and founder said “the initial device is solely made as a virtual reality trainer but we will expand on this over time by adding switch and engine panels, avionics and main instrument panel with a view to getting certified for pilot training. Ultimately, we would like to turn it into a mixed reality device,” he added. Mixed reality is a relatively new technology that allows for the trainee to see some real things (such as controls and instrument panels) and some virtual things (such as the outside world) in the headset.


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