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PLEXSYS & ImmersaView Announce Merger

Posted on Tuesday 10th January 2017 | Defence

PLEXSYS Interface Products, Inc. has announced the acquisition of the shares of all ImmersaView Companies. 

“This merger brings together 30 years of PLEXSYS and 10 years of ImmersaView successes,” said Ron Wiegand, PLEXSYS CEO. “LVC training value is found in the ability of warfighters to plan, brief, execute and debrief together. Integrating ImmersaView’s advanced display and Video/Audio/Data After Action Review (VADAAR) software technologies brings innovation and efficiency to Service, Joint and Combined readiness training. Simply put, VADAAR LVC will provide scalable, distributed after-action review capabilities for individuals, teams and entire distributed networks.”

The global LVC community will directly benefit from this merger. “Immediately, simulator and operations centers will have the opportunity for elegant, more cost efficient and better display capabilities,” said Dr. Andy Boud, director and co-founder of ImmersaView. “Additionally, starting in mid-2017, LVC stakeholders across the globe can take advantage of the most capable, lowest cost, easy to use, distributed after-action review software designed to meet LVC and fifth generation readiness training requirements.”

PLEXSYS and ImmersaView will continue to operate in parallel under existing company and solution branding. PLEXSYS headquarters remains in Camas, Washington, and ImmersaView will add staff to their Orlando, Florida and Brisbane, Australia offices to expand business development and product development capability.


Photo: (Left to right) Dr. Alex Streit, President, ImmersaView Inc.; Ron (Opie) Wiegand, President and CEO, PLEXSYS Interface Products, Inc.; and Dr. Andy Boud, President, ImmersaView Pty Ltd.


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Authored by Ms. Lori Ponoroff
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