Conquer Experience Releases PeriopSim in Response to COVID-19

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In response to current educational conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic, Conquer Experience has released its latest surgical technology PeriopSim remote learning program.

Image credit: Conquer Experience

PeriopSim is a surgical training and assessment platform for clinical educators in hospitals and schools who need to train the OR team but require a patient-safe way to rehearse procedures before they walk into an unfamiliar situation. Using authentic procedural footage and gamified learning techniques, the platform features over 35 simulated experiences that run 6 times faster than real life so students can develop more experience, faster.

To date, PeriopSim has provided over 20,000 simulated experiences for some of the best teaching hospitals and schools including Common Spirit’s Creighton University Medical Center, George Washington University Hospital, MacEwan University, Contra Costa Medical Career College, University Hospitals in Cleveland and Johns Hopkins Sibley.

Currently, PeriopSim is available through the iPad and Virtual Reality platforms using the HP Reverb and HTC Vive with plans to expand to Android tablets and desktop PC and Mac versions later this month.

“PeriopSim is a bridge between the classroom and the real world,” said Angela Robert, CEO and Co-Founder, Conquer Experience. “It’s an off-the-shelf way for educators to put simulation into learners' hands quickly and can be done anywhere with an internet connection. There are over 8,000 surgical technology students that need clinical experience but can’t receive it because of the current situation with COVID-19. PeriopSim can help them stay on top of the latest health care procedures while they wait to get back into clinicals.”

“PeriopSim is a game-changer for instructors as it allows for simulation repetition, independent personalized learning and the assessment data is so powerful for educators, not to mention it is fun to use,” said Erin Carr, Clinical Instructor, West Virginia Northern Community College. “We are looking forward to the Mac, PC and Android Tablet support coming soon as well as the Virtual Reality version when we are back on campus with the students.”


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