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bHaptics recently released TactGlove, consumer-ready haptic gloves which are ready to be used with camera-based hand tracking systems. Although TactGlove does not provide tracking functionality on its own, it's compatible with camera-based hand tracking systems, such as Meta Quest / Quest 2 / Pro and Ultraleap's Leap Motion. TactGlove allows users to feel virtual objects/avatars in virtual reality/augmented reality (VR/AR) settings. TactGlove provides vibration feedback and is equipped with 12 motors in total (6 motors on each side) - one motor on each fingertip and wrist, enabling users to feel grabbing/lifting objects, pressing buttons, etc. in virtual training. It can be connected through Bluetooth.

bHaptics also provides a wide range of consumer-grade haptic devices, called the TactSuit series, which includes TactSuit X40 and X16 haptic vests. TactSuit is fully programmable by using the Unreal and Unity 3D SDKs, and features 70 individually controllable haptic feedback points throughout.

bHaptics has partnered with many virtual reality (VR) developers over the years to make the haptic technology available and enjoyable for consumers. As a result, almost 200 VR titles now provide native support for TactSuit and users can enjoy real-time haptic feedback that’s in sync with in-game events, which not only increases the level of immersion, but also boosts the gaming experience. The company will continue to endeavor to grow the game library and expand support to other platforms as well.


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