HAITE Aviation Training Singapore shared a series of progress updates at the Asia Pacific Airline Training Symposium (APATS) this week in Singapore.

In April 2015, HAITE Singapore inaugurated a 21,000m² building and training centre in Changi Business Park. The facility is the largest independent aircraft pilot training centre in Singapore and is HAITE Group's first aviation training centre outside of China. The centre serves as a training hub for pilots and aviation-related crews, and provides training for commercial airlines that do not have their own simulators or training centres, as well as those with insufficient capacity for their training needs.

Commenting on developments since the launch of the facility, Mr. Marc Nadeau, managing director of HAITE Singapore, commented, "Our first training session commenced lat May and we have been gradually increasing our training volume since. To date, we have provided training to over 1,500 air crew from a number of airlines and training organisations in the ASEAN region."

In line with its growth plans, the HAITE Group is currently evaluating the market with the intention of adding new training devices into their network of training centres, including Singapore. At present, HAITE Singapore Aviation Training Centre is equipped with a B737-800W full flight simulator, an A320 full flight simulator, and an A320 integrated procedure trainer.

Over the next four years, HAITE Singapore expects to expand its service offering provessively to its full seven-bay capacity.

Moving forward, HAITE Singapore plans to expand its current repertoire of services to include customised training programmes led by its own instructors. The company is also looking into acquisitions and joint ventures, with the subsequent aim of developing co-operative relationshps with aviation companies and industries worldwide.