Pelesys Aviation Maintenance Training (Pelesys) has announced a cooperation agreement with Glennco Aviation Maintenance Training Company (Glennco) as the latter aims to improve the price point and efficiency of its training programmes as well as the knowledge retention of its students.

Under the agreement, Pelesys is working with GlennCo to provide a ‘reduced footprint class’ which will see the U.S. company utilising Pelesys’ enhanced self-study modules for the transport category aircraft it provides training on. The self-study modules are based on Computer Based Training and can include 360-degree visuals, Virtual e-Trainers and Interactive Schematics.

This marks a new concept for Pelesys, which was launched recently with another U.S. customer as part of a ‘reduced footprint’ Boeing 777 General Familiarisation or ‘40 hour’ course.

In other news, CAE recently purchased 45% of Pelesys' shares, making Pelesys 'a CAE company.'