BAA Training has become the first in the Baltic states to operate an Airbus A320 door and slide trainer at its headquarters in Vilnius, Lithuania.

“At the moment, there are 331 airlines operating 7,527 A320 Family aircraft worldwide, 7,258 of which are operable A320 planes. In 2016, Airbus had the highest A320 Family aircraft production rate ever with 545 deliveries,” explained Martynas Mazeika, BAA Training’s COO. “To operate one aircraft, an airline needs approximately 20 flight crew members who must all go through an Operator Conversion Course with a Door and Slide Training course included. In addition, Door and Slide Training is an integrated part of the training that is required every three years for each crew member.”

Manufactured by ASP, the Airspace by Airbus A318/319/320/321 door trainer with its original overwing exit simulates door system operations in both normal and emergency conditions. The main front left door 1L of the trainer is an original A320 Door assembled with all the mechanisms and drives to allow a hands-on experience. The slide has a height of 3480 mm, width of 1600 mm and length of 6700 mm.

The trainer includes a double attendant seat with a handset and a flight attendant panel near the main door, and two rows of triple seats for passengers with ‘call the flight attendant’ buttons. Exercises for crew in the cockpit are activated by an instructor using a touchscreen.

This acquisition follows a contract for new full flight simulators made by BAA Training in 2017.