Avsoft has announced a new HTML5-based courseware player for its aircraft systems and general subject courseware.

HTML5 has become the new standard for eLearning, and has several advantages over its predecessor, Adobe Flash. One big advantage is mobile compatibility, HTML5 works on all mobile devices, whereas Flash is not supported on many mobile devices, such as iPhones and iPads. Another advantage is web browser compatibility, unlike Flash, HTML5 works on all major web browsers without having to download a plug-in and does not trigger any warning messages.

Besides its purely HTML5 architecture, Avsoft's new courseware player has an updated interface with larger navigation buttons which work better on mobile devices. The HTML5 player includes the same features as Avsoft's Portable Classroom app (available on Android and iPad tablets for online and offline use), such as the Lights & Switch Guide, Glossary, System Diagrams, and Content Search function.

The HTML5 player can be integrated with any Learning Management System (LMS) or Training Management System (TMS) that conforms to SCORM.

Avsoft's HTML5 player is already in use with its airline customers and provides a highly compatible and mobile friendly online eLearning experience for pilots.