The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) qualified the A350 Full-Flight-Simulator at the Airbus Training Center (ATC) (FFS) in Miami for Upset and Prevention Recovery Training (UPRT). Airbus says this is the first A350 FFS to be fully qualified for UPRT and allows for safety training of full stalls, upset recovery, icing, gusting winds and bounced landings – training the will be required starting in March 2019. The simulator, built by FlightSafety International meets the UPRT Full Stall and all of the other FAA Part 60 Change 2 requirements, and Airbus will roll out this training to other training centers, too.

This certification is the result of a strong collaboration between Airbus and Flight Safety International, according to both companies. FlightSafety developed the UPRT technology, Airbus provided the aircraft data that FlightSafety used to develop the FFS and Airbus pilots verified the program worked correctly.

The $50 million Airbus Training Center (ATC) in Miami, provides training for 2,500 Airbus customers’ flight and cabin crew and maintenance personnel per year. The 110,000-square-foot complex has seven Full Flight Simulators, cabin door and slide trainers, computer-based training classrooms and seven flight training devices simulating the A320, A330, A340 and A350 XWB aircraft.