Students in the Andrews University Department of Aviation can now save 500 hours of flight training and related costs as they meet the requirements to become an airline pilot. The school received a Letter of Authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) stating that Andrews is authorized to “certify graduates…for an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate [ATP] with reduced aeronautical experience.”

Five years ago, Andrews began the process of becoming a certified flight school, first completing private and instrument requirements, then, last fall, completing commercial flight requirements. Andrews submitted certification paperwork, and the FAA evaluated all classes taught as part of the program to be sure certain criteria were met. Andrews was granted a Letter of Authority to issue waivers for the Airline Transport Pilot with reduced aeronautical experience in October.

With the certification and the bachelor’s degree offered at the school, students who graduate from the aviation program must now complete only 1,000 flight hours to be eligible to take the ATP exam.