Euramec announced the development of its Airbus A320 Flight Simulator Series with a Second Lifecycle Design.

Using newly-recycled A320 cockpit sections, Euramec will offer its high Return on Investment (ROI) flight training solutions on a detailed cockpit design for the commercial aviation industry.

The Euramec A320 Full-Glass Cockpit Flight Training Device (FTD) will be certifiable under EASA FNPT Level II MCC specifications.

Euramec provides a 45-by-240-degree Field of View and high-resolution imagery capable of distinguishing environmental conditions experienced during all phases of flight, from taxi and takeoff to landing for its A320 Family Flight Simulator Devices.

Bert Buyle, CEO Euramec: “Recycling an Airbus A320 cockpit that flew commercial flights only a few months earlier makes perfect sense to all parties.”

The A320neo, A321neo and the A321LR have 95 percent airframe spares commonality with the A320 Family, according to Airbus.

The Euramec Airbus A320 FTD roadmap is scheduled to produce the first A320 Family Cockpit by the end of 2020 with deliveries to start in 2021.