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Last week we opened up on how the Avion Phantom A320 Full Flight Simulator (FFS) can support your training needs and can add additional training value. We mentioned that the Avion Phantom A320 touchdown and motion cues are next level compared to legacy machines.

Avion believes in a family of training devices, and therefore also developed the Flat Panel Trainer (FPT). Harmonizing the software of the FPT and FFS will save training time in the FFS, save costs and will increase training quality.

Flat Panel

The FPT uses the same software as the FFS. By creating ‘snapshots,’ you can convert the preflight preparation from the FPT into the cockpit of the FFS. Furthermore, during the flight the instructor can take ‘snapshots’ for debriefing. Like its ‘Big Brother’, the Flat Panel Trainer is easy to move and ‘Plug and Fly’. Everything is integrated.

The FPT can be operated at almost any location since it will be shipped in three boxes, which fit through a regular door.

Avion is ready to answer all your questions at the FSEMC in Utrecht, Holland, this year. Hope to meet you there.

Flat Panel