When a catastrophe strikes, like the massive Keyport fire in April, first aid squads from several towns respond. It helps if those squads have strong preexisting relationships.

That’s the idea behind the Bayshore EMS Cadet Competition, which takes place Saturday in Keyport. Cadets -- young people ages 14-18 who are interested in becoming emergency medical technicians -- from 24 towns will participate in the event, which is hosted by the Keyport First Aid Squad.

“It’s something we started to get the youth together and get them interested in the field, and it just sort of ballooned this year,” Keyport First Aid Chief Ken Krohe said. “We’ve gotten a lot of good feedback about it.”

Working in teams from their respective towns, cadets will compete in various stations, such as cardiac care, CPR, bandaging and board splinting. More advanced stations include treating someone who falls down the stairs and responding to a motor vehicle accident.

A favorite station among cadets is treating patients who are extricated from car accidents. The simulation is remarkably realistic, from the smashed-up cars to the victims being splattered in what looks like blood to the actual extrication -- performed with the help of Keyport Fire Department members.

The stations are educational in nature, although teams are judged, with points awarded for proper use of equipment and for not causing further injury to patients.

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