Telemedicine is forever changing the future of healthcare. In rural South Dakota, and all over our region, Avera eCARE is making it possible for emergency department physicians to be virtually bedside from hundreds or even thousands of miles away – to help rural providers with anything from small lacerations to full-on trauma.

USD Sanford School of Medicine students participated in a telemedicine simulation on a ‘Sim Truck’ to see how the technology works.

You are never alone, even in rural South Dakota, thanks to Avera eCARE. That’s what first year USD Sanford School of Medicine students are learning from Avera eCARE Medical Director Kelly Rhone.

“So I graduated from this med school in 2001. At that time if you went into rural medicine, you were really alone and so a big part of why we do this with first year medical students is we catch them early and really show them that if they want to go back to their home town, if they want to practice in rural South Dakota, or one of our neighboring states, they’re not going to be alone. At the touch of a button, we can be right at the bedside with them. So when I work at McKennan and we have several doctors working around a patient, this is the same thing but we just do everything virtually,” said Rhone.

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