Choosing a career is difficult, and slightly overwhelming, for high school and college students. Often times students do not receive the opportunity of exploring their career choice beforehand. Adventist Health is helping students make their careers feasible with a summer program that allows them to experience medical school.

Adventist Health has started a healthcare summer program focused on allowing high school and college students to enroll in a health care career development course and receive hands-on learning in the medical field. The course lasts a duration of 8 weeks.

Discover Health Care Program

The Program offers the possibility of narrowing down a student’s niche, education costs, and finding out what areas they’d like to explore. During this 8-week program students will understand the educational portion of medical school as well as sitting in on hands-on training modules.

The summer program offers hands-on training where students get to escort and communicate with patients, distribute belongings, arrangements, and other patient items, shadow doctors, and visiting the simulation lab.

During their rotation through the simulation lab, students are shown how blood is drawn, visualize what an operation will looks like, use specialized medical equipment, learn about the responsibilities of working in a team, and even help deliver a baby.

From surgery, to nursing, to general practice, students are given the opportunity to experience several specializations in the medical field. This allows students to get a better understanding of what follows as they make their way to medical school.