OtoSim, a Toronto-based medical simulation company that specializes in otoscopy and ophthalmoscopy trainers, is launching two new simulation products at IMSH 2018 – the OtoSim Educators Portal TM and OtoSim Mobile TM to complement its current Otoscopy Simulator, OtoSim 2TM.  OtoSim will have both products available to preview at its IMSH Booth #731.

The new OtoSim Educators PortalTM is designed to maximize the classroom teaching experience by letting clinical educators:

  • customize lectures and presentations using more than 400 otology images with descriptions.
  • create and customize quizzes and exams.
  • connect directly with students via OtoSim MobileTM.
  • track and monitor students’ performances, individually or as a group.
The new OtoSim MobileTMtransforms any smartphone into a hand-held otoscopy skills trainer with access to 400 otology cases with high-quality images.

It will help Physicians and healthcare organizations promote a culture of patient safety in their practices and among colleagues, and will help

medical students and residents, PA students, nursing students and Nurse Practitioner trainees:

  • build confidence in otoscopy diagnostic skills.
  • better prepare for tests and exams (OSCEs, Physical Assessments, Standardized Patients and CMEs).
  • expand external and middle ear anatomical skills.
  • get ready to practice in real-world clinical environments.