Vinformax, launched phase 2 of its S3D Medimagic product, what the company says is the first stereoscopic 3D digital medical education platform that enables VR-like tutoring and learning. Stereoscopy is a technique where two photographs of the same object taken at slightly different angles are viewed together, enhancing the illusion of depth in an image.

S3D Medimagic is curriculum-based Digital content for Medical Education, recreated in stereoscopic 3D animation. It uses HD stereoscopic images, visuals and models to bring high-definition, in-depth perception of human anatomy, physiology, bio-chemistry, pathology, pharmacology, forensic medicine & toxicology and microbiology to training. The company also launched the S3D Medimagic mobile app that let students view intricate structures and functional processes from anywhere in the classroom to help medical students better understand the intricacies of the lessons.

Advanced video and stereoscopic imagery brings concepts to life, is easy to understand and more engaging, the company says. It stimulates the presence of a teacher and can be replayed as many times as students want, leading to higher retention levels. The videos are available online for download.

3D Stereoscopy video content is authentic, follows the curriculum and is accredited by academic experts, the company says. It is a structured knowledge assessment software that has callouts after each session and question-based testing at specified intervals.

UK-based Vinformax has a technology innovation and production centre in India, where it says this technology will especially benefit students in semi-urban and rural areas of the country. These students would most likely have limited opportunities where they can form mental images of what they are learning – and learning how things work in three dimension will help them grasp concepts better.

Vinformax delivered the platform to a facility in Bengaluru, marking what the company says is its commitment to the Government of India’s Digital India Made in India initiatives that the government hopes will transform the country into a digitally empowered knowledge economy. Vinformax also has offices in Sweden and the United States.