BioSig Technologies Inc., a medical device company, announced that the company’s founder, chairman and CEO, Kenneth Londoner is making a gift to Pennsylvania-based Lafayette College in order to support the school’s growing internship program.

Londoner, the chairman and CEO of BioSig Technologies Inc in 1989, was the founding alumnus who helped start the school’s transformative InternShift program in 2014. Together with the College, BioSig pioneered and successfully developed a highly immersive internship experience, which gives students an opportunity to enhance their professional interests in an entrepreneurial environment. During their summers at BioSig, Lafayette students work on a range of advanced projects, from researching novel therapies and clinical study breakthroughs, to preparing business plans and stock pitch decks, to analyzing international healthcare landscapes and policy standards. To address the ongoing student debt crisis, interns get paid to offset their living expenses and tuition fees.

“We are very passionate about providing our future generations with exciting opportunities to launch their careers. We hope to encourage our interns to try new things and learn real valuable work skills in anticipation of joining a rapidly changing work environment. Lafayette College is doing a tremendous job in connecting their students with the opportunities to learn applicable skills that are valuable in current and future work endeavors, and we are very happy to provide both our employment and financial support to such a great cause,” commented Londoner.

“BioSig Technologies’ unique InternShift experience sets an aspirational standard for all employers. Thank you for providing these immersive experiences for so many Lafayette students. You challenged others to join BioSig Technologies in preparing the next generation of employees to make a difference for our world,” commented President of Lafayette College, Alison R. Byerly.