Breakthrough Learning Founder and Senior Educator Bette Gardner is hosting an all-industry experiential learning workshop featuring the company’s tabletop simulation, Friday Night at the ER, on May 23-24, 2019, near Washington DC (Tysons Corner). Attendees can learn to move from silo thinking to systems thinking, and discover how to work effectively across boundaries to achieve team or company goals.

This learning program begins with the simulation, which is set in a hospital, but works for all professions. Attendees will manage a spike in demand, uneven workloads, unexpected events and limited resources all while trying to provide quality care at a reasonable cost. A guided discussion follows the interactive experience.

The workshop is also an opportunity for attendees to evaluate Friday Night at the ER for potential use within their organizations. There will be optional facilitator training on the second day at no extra cost and attendees can learn how to use Friday Night at the ER on their own.

Use it for leadership development, team building, business and health education, quality improvement, and performance intervention.

Use it to teach systems thinking, collaboration and teamwork, critical thinking and decisions, resource management, and openness to new practices.