With the current software version for the Eyesi ophthalmic surgical simulator, VRmagic offers trainee ophthalmologists not only a detailed evaluation of their own surgical performance, but also a comparison with the training results of other users. This data processing option is made possible by networking the training systems, which are installed worldwide.

Using the Eyesi virtual reality simulator, ophthalmologists can systematically practice surgical techniques in a risk-free training environment. After each training unit, the simulator shows a detailed performance evaluation. On simulators that are connected via the internet, users can now additionally access a statistical analysis, which shows their own performance in comparison with the anonymized training data of other surgeons.

 In the current test version, around 250 data records from 39 training sites are included in the performance comparison, says Markus Schill, CEO at VRmagic. “Based on the initial responses, trainee ophthalmologists are very interested in the comparative feedback so that they can better assess their own performance and train in a more targeted way.”

The new evaluation of different parameters on the simulator shows trainees whether their performance is good in comparison with others right from the start. It also then shows their learning curve and how reliably they achieve good results.

The pre-installed curriculum of the simulator includes tasks with an increasing degree of difficulty – from surgical skills and procedures through to complication management. The performance evaluation takes into account different parameters such as instrument and microscope handling, surgical efficiency and tissue protection. This data is then stored in the system for analysis of training progress.