An independent panel of corporate leaders and innovators selected SonoSim Inc. as this year’s “Excellence in Ultrasound Training” award winner for the Corporate LiveWire Innovation & Excellence Awards. SonoSim is one of only seven Excellence Awards in the Medical & Healthcare Category. The Corporate LiveWire Innovation & Excellence Awards celebrate the achievements of companies who are transforming the industry through innovation.

According to Corporate LiveWire, SonoSim was chosen for this accomplishment for “providing the best in its particular sector or industry in terms of quality, efficiency and delivery.”

The portable SonoSim Ultrasound Training Solution is a comprehensive laptop-based ultrasound training platform that offers a curriculum of over 65 cloud-based courses, performance tracking, scanning of ultrasound cases data from real patients, and image acquisition and interpretation training using the patented SonoSimulator.

“SonoSim strives to make ultrasound training accessible to all medical professionals and students,” says Nicole Durden, SonoSim’s Chief Operating Officer. “With a focus on improving patient care, SonoSim provides a research-backed solution to help institutions provide an ultrasound education on-demand.”