Bohemia 2D Software to Manage VBS3 Units

Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) has introduced VBS Tactics, an intuitive 2D interface for control of virtual units in VBS3 at the tactical level. VBS Tactics lets users conduct real-time tactical maneuver exercises by controlling fire team to company-size AI entity groups in a 2D virtual environment and visualized in 3D in VBS3. It features a new AI system that enables AI entities to behave according to established military doctrine.

The interface allows users to configure orders of battle, plan a mission with military symbology, visualize missions in real time within VBS3, update tactical orders on-the-fly, and review the results in VBS3 After Action Review. Designed for flexibility, VBS Tactics is capable of running on multiple operating systems, ready to run on multiple devices including desktop, tablet, and other mobile devices, and interoperable with other simulation products (when connected to VBS3’s HLA/DIS gateway).