Diamond Visionics released its latest GenesisRTX version, 10.5.1, with some major technology upgrades and new feature enhancements that focus on a number of core areas, including new options for zooming, dynamic visibility controls, improved entity tracking and others.

Diamond Visionics’ GenesisRTX worldwide database generation system provides cutting-edge visualization and manipulation of visual databases at run-time directly from source data on low-cost PC-based platforms, eliminating the need for traditional labor-intensive off-line database production processes.

The company says its customers will benefit greatly with the new optimization of GenesisRTX 10.5.1 that has more realistic and scalable environments for trainee immersion: “Our primary goal is to maintain the high performance demanded by the visual simulation and gaming markets. The new options for zooming include terrain persistence, FOV prediction and control over fade rates and distances in a zoom setup. The improved dynamic visibility controls support upper atmosphere and terrain fading visualizations. Our customers can now fly from ground level, out of the earth’s atmosphere with a smooth transition."