At I/ITSEC 2017, Cruden will highlight the benefits of simulation training for high-speed boats.

The planned live demonstrations will emphasis handling, navigation, drills and tactics scenarios in the company’s small-ship simulator.

“Cruden is already well-known as a provider of training simulators, from our background in the motorsport, automotive and aerospace industries. However, we are seeing a particular need for a highly realistic, dynamic training tool, as an addition to training at sea. This is why visitors to I/ITSEC will be able to experience something completely different this year,” said Cruden CEO, Maarten van Donselaar.

A simulator can increase training hours and help reduced costs through repeatable, programmable conditions and scenarios, while protecting trainers and trainees from physical stress. Through simulators specializing in small ships, Cruden is hoping to fill a gap in the industry.

“While scenario-based simulator training is established for larger vessels, Cruden has introduced a completely new concept in the high-speed boat simulator, which uses detailed modelling and motion-cueing techniques and professional image generation, to present a cost-effective solution for any training situation where motion and dynamic feedback are important factors,” said Donselaar.

I/ITSEC is taking place from November 27 to December 1 in Orlando, Florida. Cruden will be at booth 313.