Protection Group International and AGH University of Science and Technology signed an agreement in Krakow, Poland on October 18 to develop a cyber academy to help build skills in the growing cyber security field.

“It is now well-understood that national and corporate cyber security is critically dependent on the availability of well-skilled cyber security professionals to implement technical, legal and methodical defense and mitigation measures,” said PGI CEO Barry Roche.

This endeavor could help to fill a rising global shortage of cyber security experts. Estimates suggest there will be between 1 and 2 million unfilled cyber security jobs world-wide by 2019. Eighty-two percent of U.K. companies are reporting a shortage of skilled staff, causing wage inflation and increases in the price of security. Moneywise, field is an increasing behemoth in tech, with estimates putting it at $101 billion market by 2020.

For AGH, this new facility will focus on public and private sector work in Poland and central and eastern European regions. The curriculum will be based around PGI training courses that have been certified by the U.K. National Cyber Security Centre, deriving them further from the company’s own academy in Bristol, U.K.

“AGH and Krakow are the obvious choice for PGI’s first European Academic partnership,” Roche said. “Krakow has long been recognized as a regional technology and technical skills hub. Google, IBM, Motorola, Fujitsu and many others have established R&D centers here alongside business process-outsourcing centers for Capgemini, IBM, Motorola, Shell, UBS, HSBC, Tesco, Lufthansa, and EDF Energy amongst others.”

Roche credits this to the universities that have established themselves in the city, with over 400,000 students within 60 miles.