Antycip Simulation opened its first regional demo center in Saronno, Italy to help demonstrate the full range of simulation, visualization, training and virtual reality solutions the company offers.

“Customers can now visit the site for demonstrations, training, testing and reviews in ways which were not possible in the past,” said Antycip Regional Manager DACH & Italy, Riccardo Rovelli, “enabling us to be an even better partner to them in finding the perfect solution for their project requirements.”

The center will help Antycip address demands in the growing design, academic and engineering sectors.

It was developed alongside the technology company Barco, whose products power much the display and projection technology utilized in the facility.

“The Demo Centre is the culmination of [Antycip Simulation and Barco’s] long history of working together on a broad range of projects all over the world and an expression of our commitment to meeting customer needs and requirements,” said Michel Pronier, CEO of Antycip.

Equipped with three display stations, a flat screen, curved screen and spherical screen, this center will help the company showcase what it offers to the defense industry across Europe.

“We are very proud to introduce this Regional Demo Centre, a natural next step which brings together our 20 years of experience and expertise,” said Pronier. “, we pride ourselves on unlocking the potential in our strong partner relationships whilst keeping a resolute focus on providing solutions that are the very best fit for our customer’s project parameters and needs.”