Presagis™ has teamed up with j2 Aircraft Dynamics to offer a new turnkey aircraft simulation model development service.

Responding to an increased demand from customers developing aircraft simulation systems based on Presagis' FlightSIM, HeliSIM or CRAFT simulators, Presagis is pleased to join forces with the UK-based company known for its proprietary j2 Universal Tool-Kit.

The combination of Presagis' powerful aircraft systems and aerodynamic modeling tools along with j2 Aircraft Dynamics' expertise and technology will allow customers to greatly accelerate their time to market while increasing the fidelity of their simulation models.

"Whether customers start off from an original equipment manufacturer data package, or an instrumented flight test data, or from scratch, one of the most challenging aspects of building a high-fidelity simulation model is tuning hundreds of parameters - each with its own slight but definitive effect on the final result," explained Stéphane Blondin, Presagis' vice president of Product Management and Marketing.

Through its application of core mathematical and aeronautical principles, and by allowing multiple test points to be analyzed at once, j2 brings fully automated flight test data matching capability and can help reduce the effort needed to match flight test data by more than 50 percent.

Through this collaboration, Presagis continues to innovate in order to help customers with the challenges they face on a daily basis. By streamlining workflow, reducing time to market, and increasing the fidelity and realism of their simulation models, Presagis remains steadfastly committed to building the solutions and tools their customer needs.