Pictured (left to right): John Givens, President of Bohemia Interactive Simulations, Inc.; and Rob Matthews, Strategic Advisor for Modeling and Simulation at Coe and Naylor Group.

The National Center for Simulation (NCS) has announced its 2018 board of directors. Joining the board are two new members: John Givens, president of Bohemia Interactive Simulations, inc. and Rob Matthews, strategic advisor for modeling and simulation, Coe and Naylor Group. Both professionals have served in various leadership roles in Orlando's M&S industry.

John Givens manages Bohemia Interactive Simulation's distribution of VBS3 to the US Army. "There are massive changes going on in our industry and I believe NCS will play a pivotal role in new contract methodologies," stated Givens. "As someone who has started a company from the ground up, I understand the pitfalls and unknowns to potentially help others succeed. My goal is to make an impact in bringing the industry together for a much louder voice in areas where it is needed."

Rob Matthews, a government civilian (US Navy) and one of the founders of Team Orlando, has been active with NCS for more than 15 years. "NCS has a unique position, in that they advocate for the federal, state, and local governments, as well as academia and industry serving the modeling, simulation and training arena," stated Matthews. "NCS provides the 'oil' that allows the coordination and collaboration to be enhanced and advocated at all levels. I believe my experience with the federal government acquisition organizations will be able to benefit NCS and provide insight that will enhance its ability to meet its mission."

Lt. Gen. (Ret) Thomas L. Baptiste, president and CEO, NCS commented, "As we embark on a new and exciting year, our volunteer leadership continues to play a critical, guiding role in advancing our association and the industry as a whole. The dedicated men and women who serve on our board give their time, effort, and considerable insight toward fulfilling our goals of creating an industry hub, and helping foster awareness worldwide. The caliber of our board members is a testament to NCS' hard work and commitment. We are pleased to be led by such dedicated professionals and look forward to working together as we continue on this journey."

The NCS Board of Directors officers for 2018 are: Brian Holmes, Chair; Mary Trier, Vice Chair; Terry Kohl, Treasurer; and John Givens, Secretary. Other board members include Angela M. Alban, Daniel Holsenbeck, Ph.D., Lee W. Lacy, Ph.D., Dave Manning, Hank Okraski, Steve Painter, Bill "Roto" Reuter, Ed Schons, David M. Scott, Randall Schumaker, Ph.D., Marni Spence, Michael Tschanz, Eric Ushkowitz and Rob Matthews.