An Inzpire team designed and delivered an experimental synthetic training exercise, Exercise Iron Dragon, using QinetiQ’s Distributed Synthetic Air Land Training (DSALT) Capability to the U.K. 3rd Division Headquarters at the Royal Air Force Air Battlespace Training Centre (ABTC) at RAF Waddington.

This was the first time an Army exercise of this complexity has been conducted using the DSALT Capability. Exercise Iron Dragon was a combined effort between Inzpire’s Synthetic Joint Air Land experts, military personnel from the ABTC and technical staff from QinetiQ, Boeing and Plexsys.

The exercise was designed to train all elements of the Headquarters Joint Air Ground Integration Cell (JAGIC). The four-day exercise allowed the JAGIC to practice Tactics, Techniques and Operating Procedures in a Coalition Corps context during a high-intensity complex Joint Air Land battle.

It demonstrated the Ministry of Defence’s Whole Force Approach, which seeks to establish partnerships between the military, civil servants, contractors and the wider defense industry.