Meggitt Training Systems will debut new target imagery, target carrier and live-fire screen products later this month. Meggitt’s new solutions on display will include:

  • The XWT ProImage projected target system is a compact video projector and camera that attaches to Meggitt’s XWT target carrier. It connects wirelessly to a 10” lane control unit mounted behind the firing line, projecting user-uploaded digital videos and images onto white paper or cardboard targets. The onboard camera provides a constant close-up view of the target for instant feedback.
  • The XWT GEN4 wireless target carrier builds on the industry’s first wireless, 360 degree turning system. The carrier uses a lithium ion battery with a positive locking connection and ergonomic placement, providing a 50 percent increase in battery watt hours. The new docking system improves contact design for faster, more reliable charging. Programmable distraction lighting now integrates red, blue and white LEDs with four times the brightness of previous models. The chassis features a new side cover design for wheel overhead protection and prevention of brass drivetrain damage. Anti-static wheels eliminate grounding tinsel and reduce electrostatic discharge.
  • Finally, the Live-Fire Screen allows users to train within a shooting range using live ammunition while scenarios are displayed on a natural rubber screen through the FATS 100LE system. Meggitt’s screen surface is not needed for detection of projectiles passing through the area of interest and is used only for showing the image. It can be readily integrated into live-fire shoot houses with other surfaces for projection. The self-healing screen can be used with various types of weapons ranging from revolvers to submachine guns, and is designed to withstand up to 50,000 rounds over the entire surface area before replacement or repair.