A Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium (MTEC) and U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (USAMRMC) partnership chose Information Visualization and Innovation Research (IVIR) and SimQuest International to develop operational architectures supporting military medical training simulations. MTEC awarded project funding in the amount of $1,975,737 to IVIR and $1,997,385 to SimQuest. Architectures created through these research projects will become part of the Joint Evacuation and Transport Simulation (JETS) systems.

Research by both companies will focus on developing architectural models to guide the construction of integrated simulation and training modules for the JETS systems. The Department of Defense (DoD) will use the architectures created for the JETS systems by IVIR and SimQuest as part of a DoD Global/Joint Patient Movement (GPM/JPM) instructional platform. Construction of the integrated training simulations is the first part of a broader effort to create a standardized, interoperable method of medical response training across the Services.

“Research by IVIR and SimQuest will help to create uniform medical response training that improves the care our Warfighters receive,” said Lester Martinez, MD, MPH, U.S. Army Major General (Retired), President and Chairman of MTEC Board.