TerraSim, a company specializing in the development of rapid high-fidelity geospatial visualization, introduced TerraTools 5.6, its latest version of virtual terrain generation software. The new upgrade is available to all customers under active maintenance and support contracts.

The software features a new plug-in for generating high-resolution VBS Blue IG insets to enhance the global dataset. It can easily be added to existing TerraTools or can use the OmniWizard to start a new project with correlated terrain exports and supported runtime.

The TerraTools VBS Blue IG Source Plug-in generates insets for VBS Blue IG that override the global terrain database for regions, giving users control over satellite imagery, models, road layers and more. OmniWizard was upgraded for the quick-start of projects between VBS3 and VBS Blue IG.

The VBS Export Plug-in provides export support to VBS3 v18.1. Its predefined AI road networks replace the old object-based road network system. This new upgrade can define attributes for lanes, one-way roads and crosswalks for VBS Control.