QinetiQ has launched the QinetiQ Target Systems (QTS) Rattler Ground Air Launched Supersonic Target (GAL-ST). The Rattler is a low-cost supersonic target used to accurately replicate anti-radiation missiles (ARM) and supersonic/high-diving threats suitable for use over land and at sea.

The Rattler is the latest addition to the QTS aerial target portfolio which also includes Snipe, the Banshee family including Vindicator and the Mosquito and Snyper helicopter systems. The platform offers high-speed kinematic performance at a low cost.

The Rattler transmits TSPI (time, space and positioning information) and target status telemetry data in real time for the monitoring of range safety and operational requirements and can accommodate active radar augmentation for specific weapon system requirements.

QinetiQ will operate the Rattler for weapon system Research Development Test & Evaluation (RDT&E), Operational Test & Evaluation (OT&E) and training-oriented air defense scenarios.