Slitherine, a producer and publisher of digital wargames and strategy games, is a finalist in Spectator Magazine’s Economic Disruptor Award that recognizes creative entrepreneurship across the UK.

Being a disruptor in an era of constant disruption requires a long-term strategic view, a close eye on present changes and the will to try something new, investing in untested unproven areas of business, according to Spectator. Slitherine’s program to turn commercial video games into professional software, for use by Military and specialist Contractors, for analytical, research and training activities goes in this direction.

Slitherine takes its existing products and adapts them for use by military customers and contractors, often behind a classified environment, the award program points out, and it created a new business model that focuses on collaborative interaction with key stakeholders in the defense industry.

Slitherine hosted a professional training course in the U.S. at Lockheed Martin's Centre for Innovation in Suffolk, Virginia where members from government agencies, specialist contractors and representatives from various militaries gathered to participate in a COMMAND PROFESSIONAL EDITION *COMMAND PE) training week. COMMAND PE is a hybrid of the commercially released Command: Modern Air Naval Operations video game that Slytherine says it is spearheading this new business venture that is part of physics-based research and experimentation in the defense sector.