U.S. Air Force officials activated the Special Warfare Training Wing (SWTW) at Joint Base San Antonio (JBSA) in Texas to meet the demand for special operations warfighters and improve retention rates for these career fields. The mission of the new wing is to select, train, equip and mentor Airmen to conduct global combat operations in contested, denied, operationally limited and permissive environments under any environmental condition.

“This new wing will help us provide additional oversight and advocacy for the complex, high-risk and demanding training that's necessary to produce Airmen to meet the requirements of the joint force,” said Col. James Hughes, SWTW commander.

The new wing headquarters and subordinate organizational structure will consist of approximately 135 personnel including the Special Warfare Training Group, formerly known as the Battlefield Airman Training Group, which will report to the new wing. The training group will build on the five pillars established by the Battlefield Airmen Training Group including marketing and recruiting, manpower and leadership, curriculum, equipment and infrastructure.

The Special Warfare Airmen are the critical ground link between air assets and ground forces. They will be trained to solve on-ground problems with air power and will often embed with conventional and special operations forces

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