As in the years before, NATO will be represented at I/ITSEC by the Science & Technology Organisation (STO) and the Allied Command Transformation (ACT). The event represents ideal opportunities for the NMSG's Task Groups to perform live Cooperative Demonstration of Technologies (CDT) related to their activities in the joint NATO booth and in interaction with other major actors from the international M&S community which are present on-site with their own booths.

The topics presented in 2018 will include M&S as a Service; M&S interoperability; C2-SIM interoperability; human behaviour modelling; and Verification and Validation of models, simulations and data. This year's highlight, however, will be OCW - Operation Coalition Warrior. OCW is a US/NATO and Partners cooperative demonstration of coalition simulation concepts and requirements to industry. That is the reason why NATO will share its booth this year with the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative, a programme directed by the US Department of Defense.

OCW encompasses interoperability, distributed training, and innovation, but it also features distinct qualities such as lightweight and low-cost solutions, global partnership, and the full continuum of learning, from just-in-time preparation to full-scale exercises.

OCW at I/ITSEC will involve themed discussions around Coalition learning requirements as well as a series of demonstrations for prototypes aimed at meeting those needs. OCW demonstrations will provide a showcase of the possibilities in improving training and education processes and tools in cooperation among and in between Partners.

The OCW demonstration at I/ITSEC 2018 will build on four main themes:

  • Advanced Distributed Learning in Exercises
  • Lightweight Combined Operations Training Solution
  • Exercises, Simulation and Management
  • Innovation in the Coalition Training & Education Enterprise
Prescheduled presentations will be held at booth 2471 from Tuesday to Thursday. For these, government stakeholders will begin by presenting requirements around one of the four themes; these will be followed by a series of "lightning" (short, rapid-fire) demonstrations of potential solutions, pitched by government, industry or academia.

Point of Contacts: NATO ACT: NATO STO: US DOD: